Revision Breast Surgery with Absorbable Graft

Revision Breast Surgery with Absorbable Graft

In the next few minutes, we're going to show you that the results of using this absorbable mesh graft for a breast revision surgery.

The patient who had breast augmentation had found that the breast implants were off to the side of her chest, and also were too low. This is not an uncommon problem after breast surgery.

We use this graft to reposition the breast pockets and also to help prevent recurrent displacement of the breast implants.

We'll now go and look at those results in the operating room.

Today we're doing a small revision of a breast pocket on this girl who had placement of a, what we call mesh graft that was placed in the lower and lateral breast pocket to help the displacement of the breast implant and as you can see that there has been complete incorporation of the graft. It looks very healthy into the tissue and this is holding very well to prevent a displacement of the implant inferiorily, or into the lower portion of the breast pocket. This is the graft that we placed just about two months ago, and you see it has a very nice healthy result.