Facelift Technique

Facelift Technique

Today we're doing a facial rejuvenation, commonly called face lift and the technique we're using today is a little different technique, a little newer technique, and I think a little better technique than we have used in years past. One of the major differences about this technique is that we're going to suspend the deep tissue of the face into and from a very solid stable structure called the bone and fascia in the temple area. And what I've just done is, we're putting this suture in this area and we're going to secure this to this area. So this is a very stable structure. It's bone and fascia in the temple area and now what we're going to do, we're going to sew, this is the deep tissue of your face, we're going to sew and suspend this up to the deep temple fascia.

And as you can see when we're going to do this, let me show you this here, we're pulling this tissue and the tissue is attached to the skin or skin is attached to the tissue. As you pull the tissue, it pulls the skin. And what we don't want to do is just pull the skin by itself. So what we've learned is that if we just pull the skin and we don't elevate the deep tissue like I'm doing here, then everything sags, the deep tissue sags and the skin sags. But if we suspend the deep tissue with the skin attached to it, everything stays and looks more natural.

And the other concept about this is this again, that we're not pulling on the skin. We're pulling the deep tissue that is attached to the skin. So then when we finish suspending the deep tissue, we can then easily re-drape the skin. As you can see this we're going to do that. And we have a lot of skin laxity, and we're going to not pull on the skin, we're just going to remove the skin without any tension. And that creates a very natural appearance and also a very long lasting appearance.

So as you see we're going to continue to sew here. You see, see how we're pulling. We're usually, and this is a very stable stitch and it's multiple stitches, not just one stitch or a couple of stitches. We're pulling the whole portion of the deep tissue of the face up. You can see this as we're doing this. And other methods were just sew a little of the deep tissue, but we're suspending and elevating the whole deep portion of the face, kind of as a on block procedure. It's going to bring this all up, and as you put multiple sutures in, it pulls it up very tight and very securely.

So we're elevating in a superior direction, this whole deep tissue. And what you'll find is that as we do this, this jowling portion of the face is coming up along with it and we're actually resulting in [inaudible 00:04:24] a suspension of the neck as well. So we're doing the face and the upper portion of the neck that's going to be coming with it as well. And this is a very secure type of suturing. Now see if we can look down here, we're actually pulling up on this cheek area and the neck as well.