Pre-Operative Tummy Tuck Procedure Patient Interview pt. 2

Dr. Williams: Hello, I'm Dr. John Williams, and today we're speaking with Krista. Krista has had two pregnancies, one by C-section. Following these pregnancies, she has noticed some changes that she doesn't like and would like to have this improved. Krista, why don't you tell us a little about those pregnancies and what happened after that?

Krista: Sure. With my first pregnancy, I had eclampsia, and I gained a little over a hundred pounds, and I had to have an emergency C-section. With my second pregnancy, I was able to have it with a vaginal birth, and I've just noticed since then this hanging bulging skin that I just can't get rid of.

Dr. Williams: What Krista is describing is very common as a result of pregnancy, either one or more pregnancies. What happens is that the abdomen gets larger and distends, and as it does it stretches out the skin. And not only does it stretch out the skin, it also stretches out the muscle. The muscle that is usually together in the midline or the mid-portion of the abdomen then becomes separated. Now after pregnancy, the swelling of the abdomen goes down. However, but what usually happens is there is still some skin laxity, and if the pregnancy has resulted in a significant weight gain and distension, that skin laxity stays and doesn't go back.

Dr. Williams: The second thing that happens is that the abdominal muscles not only become stretched out, but as I said, become separated. So what we do is a tummy tuck for that as part of the, what we call the mommy makeover. And as part of that, we remove the excess skin, and we get the abdomen very tight. We also sew the muscles together. So what we want to get in the end is a very tight, firmer, and more youthful appearance and basically give her back the abdomen that she had prior to these pregnancies.