Post-Operative Tummy Tuck Consultation

Dr. Williams: Hi, we're with Krista, who has recently had a tummy tuck. She's about at eight weeks or so, I guess, or two months after that tummy tuck. And Krista had developed stretch marks, some bulging of the abdomen, skin laxity of her abdomen. And this is a very common thing that happens after one or more pregnancies.

Dr. Williams: A tummy tuck is actually one of the procedures that we preform for what we call a Mommy Makeover, after pregnancies. And so what we want to do is restore the abdomen, hopefully to about what it looked like prior to pregnancy.

Dr. Williams: Now you can try diet, you can try exercise, but unfortunately, that's not going to remove the excess skin, nor is it going to improve the bulging appearance of the abdomen. You can only do that with a tummy tuck.

Dr. Williams: So, Krista, if you could maybe just have a look here-

Krista: Sure.

Dr. Williams: ... see what you look like now.

Dr. Williams: Let's just kind of have a look at this here. Okay. Let's see here.

Krista: About two months.

Dr. Williams: She has great definition, we got rid of all the laxing and certainly she doesn't have any bulging and we have very good, nice definition of the abdomen.

Dr. Williams: Great, thank you.

Krista: You're welcome.

Dr. Williams: So, I think what we want to do with a tummy tuck is not only restore the appearance of the stomach, we also want to restore your confidence-

Krista: Yes!

Dr. Williams: ... in yourself, as it was prior to pregnancy.

Krista: Yes.

Dr. Williams: And I think we've done that. Thank you.

Krista: Absolutely. Thank you.

Dr. Williams: Okay.

Krista: Good.

Dr. Williams: I think that's it.