Vampire Face Lift Procedure

Speaker 1: Dr. Williams, Hollywood is talking about this new vampire facelift. What exactly is this?

Dr. Williams: Okay, well the vampire facelift is really kind of a misnomer. It's not a facelift, but what it is, is a excellent method for facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Williams: Now what we find is that as you age, there is a decrease in the amount of collagen, as well as the turnover of the cell growth in the skin, and what vampire facelift does is to help you generate collagen, as well as rejuvenate and regenerate new skin.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well, how exactly does this process work?

Dr. Williams: A vampire facelift is actually a kind of a two phase or two step process combined. And what we do is that we create little micro tunnels or little micro needling in the skin, and this is done with this micro needling pen. And then secondly, we take some blood from you, and we then process this to arrive at what we call platelet rich plasma, PRP.

Dr. Williams: Now the platelet rich plasma is very important, because this contains very good regenerative and cell growth factors, and when we put this on your skin, it penetrates those little micro pores that we've created with the micro needling and penetrates deep into the skin.

Dr. Williams: Now that does two things. It helps regenerate the collagen, and with the cell growth factors and regenerative factors, regenerates the epithelial skin as well. So we get a total regeneration of the skin and the restoration of the skin.

Speaker 1: Well that's great, but micro needling sounds a little painful.

Dr. Williams: Well, you would think it would be, but what we do is we apply a topical anesthetic cream to the face, and so the process itself is, I would say almost painless or just minimally painless at all. It's done in the office, without any anesthesia at all.

Speaker 1: Oh, ok well what's the recovery time out for this?

Dr. Williams: All right, recovery time is very rapid. The application of the PRP allows rapid healing, and in fact the next day the only thing that you may notice is that you may have some pick-ness of the skin. It's not going to be painful, and you can go about your regular daily activities.

Speaker 1: Oh, well, that sounds like a really great, non-invasive procedure.

Dr. Williams: Oh, it's excellent.

Speaker 1: That's great. Thank you.