Tummy Tuck Procedure

Speaker 1: Dr. Williams, a lot of women say they don't want to have a tummy tuck because the amount of pain that's associated with it. What is the newest thing for tummy tucks?

Dr. Williams: Well, when you become pregnant, as well as increased weight and increased size, the abdominal muscles stretch, and in fact, they pull apart in the mid portion of your abdomen, and that results in a bulging appearance to your abdomen. Now what we do in a tummy tuck is that we take those muscles and we sew them together. Now that's the painful part of the tummy tuck.

Dr. Williams: Now most recently, we have been using a very interesting, very high tech injectable local anesthetic. This anesthetic is composed of multiple, what we call micro spheres of an anesthetic that is gradually released into the muscles that are sewn together, to result in prolonged pain relief for that procedure.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well, how long does this last, and does is it essentially take way all the pain?

Dr. Williams: Well, we'd like to say that we'd like to take away all the pain, but no it doesn't. But it really, markedly decreases the pain that is associated with the tummy tuck and the suture repair.

Dr. Williams: How long it lasts? It lasts about four days or so, and that's about the maximum time of pain that is associated with the tummy tuck procedure.

Speaker 1: Okay, can this injection to used for other surgeries as well?

Dr. Williams: Yes. Now what most recently we have been used them for is breast augmentation, and the pain of breast augmentation is related to the fact that the muscle stretches out over the implant, and that's very painful. So what we do is to inject the chest muscle at the time of breast augmentation, to markedly decrease that pain that is associated with breast augmentation.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well, now this injection, getting beautiful is not going to be so painful anymore.

Dr. Williams: That's hopefully true.

Speaker 1: Thank you.