Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Hi, I'm Dr. John Williams and today we're doing a Brazilian Butt Lift. Which is fat injection in the buttock area for improved fullness and contour of the buttocks.

One of the first parts of this process is to obtain fat for the injection. And how we do that is that we remove the fat and collect that in a totally sterile container and, at this point, what we're doing is separating the fluid from the fat. And as you can see, we have pure fat that we're going to inject, and we've separated this from the fluid at the bottom of the container.

Following this, what we're going to do is remove the remaining fluid and then inject the fat, again, through a totally closed, sterile system into the buttock area. And we're going to show you that shortly.

Thank you.

We're about to inject the fat, and how we're doing dash is what we call through a pulsed injection technique, using what a, what we call, a micro-air injector. As you can see, this is going to distribute the fat through multiple small little vibrations and the fat, instead of using syringes, with an uneven pressure, we'll distribute the fat very evenly in a controlled pulsed manor. And we're going to show you that just in a minute.

So, as you can see what we're doing now, very evenly and gently, we're injecting the fat into the areas that we've marked and we're using a controlled pulse injection technique and this is evenly distributing the fat. And very important about this part of the procedure is that we are injecting the fat above the muscle and we're between the skin and the top layer of the muscle. Because it's been found that if you inject into the muscle, you can have some major problems with the fat going beneath the muscle and tearing some major blood vessels and causing a major problem.

So what we're doing is, we're doing a injection technique above the muscle and between the skin and the muscles. And we're creating nice fullness in a very controlled, precise manor in the area that we want to do this. You can see we're doing very well through this entire area.