Liposuction Power Assisted

This technique injects fluid into the fat cells to fill, enlarge and expand them. Just like a balloon that has been overfilled, these enlarged fat cells are much easier to burst. The A suction cannula with high-frequency oscillations gently bursts the enlarged fluid-filled fat cells and removes them with suction.

Hello, I'm Dr. John Williams, and this morning we are doing liposuction, and we're doing liposuction with what is called power assisted liposuction. What that is, is high frequency vibrations that helps to separate, as well as remove the fat without damaging or removing any of the surrounding tissues, particularly diatom blood vessels.

I'm going to turn this on, so you can see the... This is called the cannula that is now vibrating at very, very high frequencies, and what this will do to help separate the fat, as well as remove the fat with suction.

So this is quite gentle, not a lot of effort required for this, and as you can see, this is the fat that is being removed from the tissue, and we're going to remove the tissue and contour this entire hip area with this power assisted liposuction.