Liposuction for Dynamic Definition

The technique of Power Assisted Liposculpture injects fluid into the fat cells to fill, enlarge and expand them. Just like a balloon that has been overfilled, these enlarged fat cells are much easier to burst. The A suction cannula with high-frequency oscillations gently bursts the enlarged fluid-filled fat cells and removes them with suction.

Our concepts about liposuction have changed in that now when we do liposuction, we want to develop a contoured shape and structure to the areas that we're doing.

So, what we're going to do is that we're going to do liposuction in the mid area of the abdomen. We're then going to contour and liposuction on each of the sides as well to develop a contoured and defined shape and definition to this abdomen. We're also going to develop this contour out into the hip area as well.

At the back, we're going to take and define this area. We're going to then remove the adiposity up into here as well as over the lower rib, we call the upper flank. We're going to then go to the [inaudible] area. Take that. All these areas are going to be then contoured and defined and then to give more contour to the buttock area, we're also going to move this whole area here to give it a structured definition and contour that will help define the buttock as well.