New Concepts of Liposuction- Liposculpture

Liposculpture is the latest technique in Liposuction that will give patients defined results in the areas being treated. Instead of traditional Liposuction we now target specific muscle structures to give patients contour in these areas.

Hi, I'm Dr. Williams. I'm with my patient here who is now a few months after having what we call liposculpture. Now liposculpture is different than the older type of liposuction in that, with liposculpture we remove fat from very defined areas to arrive at a very defined and sculptured appearance of the areas. Now in my patient here, where we want to define and sculpture is the muscles of the mid abdomen. What we have done is to remove the opacity from both sides of the mid-line abdominal muscles called the rectus muscle. We've removed fat from the mid portion of the rectus or mid-line abdominal muscles, defined those and as well removing fat from just underneath the ribcage and also into the hip areas. To define those muscles of the upper lateral and lower abdomen.

This is the only method that we have found to truly arrive at a truly liposculpture and defined appearance of the abdomen.