Crisalix 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation

Crisalix delivers anatomically accurate 3D images so you have the very best approximation of how you will look post-procedure. Patients usually have limited choice when trying to judge how they might look after surgery, relying on other patient’s photos or trying implants in a bra. Dr. Williams understands patients and combines his extensive expertise in aesthetic surgery with detailed bio dimensional assessments and the advanced Crisalix 3D imaging technology.

Hi, I'm Dr. John Williams. Today, I want to share with you a very new and exciting state-of-the-art technology now used for breast augmentation. It is called 3D imaging, or virtual reality. With these virtual reality goggles you will be able to not only choose, but see the results of your breast augmentation prior to that surgery.

The most difficult problem, for the patient as well as myself, is to decide the size and the style of the implant that will give her the desired result. For years we have shown the patients both pre-and postoperative photographs, and also placed sizers in a bra, but it's difficult to see that final result.

Now, we are using a very new technology called 3D virtual imaging. This allows the patient to see herself, when she's decided the size, what she's going to look like. The unique thing about that is that if she feels it's too big, maybe it's too small then we can change the sizes, and she can see exactly what she's going to look like. This will give you an example of what she's going to see, both before and after, her decision for breast augmentation. She can see it side view, three-quarter view, and she can also see what she would look like if she looks down.

As you can see, 3-D imaging, or virtual reality is a very wonderful new tool. It allows you to see the results of your surgery prior to that surgery. So if, you are considering breast augmentation experience virtual reality, so that you can be very confident in this very important decision that you are about to make. Thank you.