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Rhinoplasty surgery is done to reshape, decrease or augment a person’s nose. This is done to give a proportionate appearance to the nose and provide facial harmony. A nose that is too large, has a large hump, a bulbous tip, or is crooked or bent often detracts from an otherwise beautiful facial appearance. Noses come in all different sizes and shapes. Rhinoplasty cannot replace your nasal appearance with someone else’s nose. Rhinoplasty does not aim at making everyone’s nose look the same. The best Rhinoplasty surgery is one in which no one knows for sure that you have had nose surgery.

In addition to improving the cosmetic appearance, Rhinoplasty can also be combined at the same time to correct functional problems caused by trauma or injury to the nose such as a broken nose, birth defects, or breathing problems. Correction of breathing problems often caused by a deviated septum is one of the most common surgeries that is done in conjunction with Rhinoplasty.

What can Rhinoplasty change?

  • Nose Size: Decrease or increase the size of the nose. Most often the desire is to decrease the size of the nose. However, if the nose is too small, too short, or lacks a nasal bridge, then it may be necessary to increase the size of the nose with a graft.
  • Profile of the nose: Remove prominent nasal humps or irregularities or place a graft for areas of depression
  • Change bony with: The nasal bones may be too wide or asymmetrical
  • Nostril Size: Narrow the nostril width or shape, and decrease the width of the nose above the upper lip
  • Nasal tip: A bulbous, boxy drooping or overly prominent nasal tip can be contoured
  • Asymmetry and Deviation: Correction usually involves alteration or modification of the bone or cartilage of the nose, and sometimes placing a graft

Rhinoplasty for me?

Many individuals want to change only a specific aspect of their nose. They are very satisfied with the rest of their nasal appearance. Others want to change the complete appearance of their nose.

A consultation is necessary to explore all of the possibilities.

Computer Imaging

Because there are so many aspects of the nose that may be changed with Rhinoplasty, it is important that the surgeon understands your expectations. It is however difficult for almost everyone to explain and define what alterations they want to achieve in their nasal appearance. It is also very difficult to envision what these changes would look like. More importantly, how would my nose look and would I like it?

To explore the many possibilities of Rhinoplasty and allow you to see the possible outcomes of the proposed surgery Computer Imaging is initially done. Multiple photographs of your face and nose are taken. Computer Imaging uses special software that allows modification and change of your nose in the same manner as done in surgery. Side by side comparisons of your nose and face allows you to visualize the expected results prior to undergoing the procedure. This helps to provide an understanding of the desired outcome as well as potential problems or difficulties. The technique of Computer Imaging allows for improved analysis of the nose relative to facial harmony. At this time it may be recognized the nose remains overly prominent due to lack of an adequate chin. Chin Augmentation may be needed to provide an overall improved nasal-facial appearance. The options for this can also be shown and evaluated.

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient at our AAAASF accredited facility. For safety, it is performed under general anesthesia.

There are two techniques for performing Rhinoplasty. Closed Rhinoplasty uses incision only within the nose itself, usually within the nostrils. Open Rhinoplasty uses an incision in the mid-central portion of the nose between the nostrils. Most often a Closed Rhinoplasty technique is used.

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

At the completion of the surgery special paper tape and a plastic-type splint will be applied to the nose to maintain the reshaped nose. This is left in place for 7-10 days. It is then removed and the nose is then re-taped for another 3-5 days.

Placing packing inside the nose postoperatively is not done.

Pain following Rhinoplasty is minimal. Most patients do not require pain medication after the 3rd- 4th postoperative day.

The initial results of Rhinoplasty are usually noticeable after the nasal splint and nasal tape has been removed. The final appearance will depend upon the amount of swelling that may take several months and up to a year to resolve.

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