Five Reasons Why Eyelid Surgery May be Right for You

Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but not if the shades are drawn and no one can get a peek inside. When it comes to how you view the world, and how the world looks back at you, puffy eyelids and bags under your eyes are telling one story, when you may want to convey a completely different story: one of vibrancy, energy, and youth.

To combat this effect, here at Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge, we offer eyelid surgery to help our patients regain the wide-eyed, bright outlook they once had. To figure out whether you may benefit from eyelid surgery, as so many of our patients before you have, here are five reasons why the procedure may be right for you.

1. No, I’m not tired

If you’re tired of fielding questions as to how much sleep you’re getting because of tired-looking, puffy eyes, then eyelid surgery (medically known as a blepharoplasty) may be just the ticket. As you age, the sensitive skin around your eyes is among the first to succumb to the natural loss of collagen in your skin. Collagen provides elasticity and tone, holding your skin in place. But as your collagen production begins to wind down with age, it can’t keep up with the forces of gravity and the breakdown of your skin cells.

Making matters worse, you also have a thin layer of fat in your upper eyelids that begins to fall without the support that your collagen once provided. Underneath your eyes, the same process is taking place, compounded by added fluid retention in the skin below your eyes.

2. Droopy dog

In addition to the natural collagen breakdown in your skin, your muscles also begin to weaken, which can cause your lower lids to become lax and separate slowly from your eye. In severe cases, which is called ectropion, your lower lids turn outward, which leads to watery and red eyes, as they’re unable to properly hydrate and drain.

In these cases, we make an incision at the outside of your lower lid and pull the lid more taut. Moderate to severe ectropion happens gradually, so the sooner we get in to tighten your lower lids, the better, so we can prevent eye problems from developing in the first place.

3. Out of the corner of your eye

As your upper eyelids begin to droop, the tissue may fold over to the point where it disrupts your peripheral vision. Our goal during a blepharoplasty is to remove the excess skin to free up your vision. In fact, our goal is to perform this procedure before your upper eyelids get to the point where they cause vision problems.

4. In your genes

Many of our patients are not only battling age, but genetics, as well. Everyone’s eyes are shaped differently, and most races are inclined toward a particular shape of the eye. If you fall into a race where heavy eyelids are a more prominent feature, or you simply inherited them from your parents, your eyelid problems may be more pronounced as you age.

In these cases, we can remove the excess tissue and fat to open your eyes back up again — in keeping with your natural look — getting rid of the increasingly hooded look that both time and genes have given you.

5. It’s simple, and dramatic

As surgical procedures go, eyelid surgery is one of the simplest, yet provides some of the most dramatic results. Your eyes are only second to your mouth when it comes to communicating, so when you open them up to the world, you’re having a new conversation.

Our outpatient blepharoplasty, which requires only small incisions, delivers results within weeks that can dramatically change your face for the better. This one procedure can shave years off your appearance and also change the way the world views you. With eyelid surgery, your face is telling the world that you’re vibrant and alert, and yes, thank you, you’ve had enough sleep!

If you want to explore how eyelid surgery can help with your appearance or vision issues, we invite you to give us a call or schedule a consultation using the convenient online scheduling tool.

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