Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery – What’s the Difference?

Dr. John Williams | 02/07/2021

Confused about the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery? You aren’t alone! Here’s what you need to know about both kinds of surgeries.


Need-to-Know Information About Lip Fillers

Dr. John Williams | 12/31/2020

Those wishing to enhance the look of their lips have a number of options The JW Plastic Surgery Center provides important information about lip filler


Which Injectable Is Right for Your Needs?

Dr. John Williams | 11/07/2020

Choosing the best Botox treatment, lip injections, or dermal filler for your specific goals depends on what areas need to be filled or lifted.


Morpheus8 Skin Rejuvenation: What Is It?

Dr. John Williams | 10/31/2020

The Morpheus8 skincare rejuvenation process surpasses previous laser skin-tightening and microneedling treatments for amazing anti-aging results.


Cosmetic Surgery vs. Plastic Surgery – What Is the Difference?

Dr. John Williams | 03/02/2020

Understanding difference between cosmetic surgery vs. plastic surgery will help you choose from the different types of plastic surgery and surgeons.


SMAS vs. MACS Face-Lift: Find Out Which Option is Right For You

Dr. John Williams | 11/15/2018

JW Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria compare SMAS vs. MACS face lift procedures to help you find out the right one for you.


Understanding Rhinoplasty: 5 Things You Should Know

Dr. John Williams | 09/26/2018

Learn more about cosmetic rhinoplasty and five things you should know about this cosmetic procedure from JW Plastic Surgery Center in Louisiana.


How A Brow Lift Freshens Up Your Face

Dr. John Williams | 07/18/2018

See how a brow lift from JW Plastic Surgery Center of Baton Rouge and Alexandria freshens up your face and makes you look and feel years younger.


Five Reasons Why Eyelid Surgery May be Right for You

Dr. John Williams | 06/18/2018

JW Plastic Surgery Center in Louisiana discusses five different reasons why eyelid surgery might be right for you and how it can benefit you.


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