An operation that was often done during the Silicone Breast Implant Adjunct Study several years ago was to remove the capsule and the breast implant all in one piece, i.e. En Bloc Breast Implant and Capsule Removal. This was done because there was often scar tissue which would form a hard baseball-like capsule around a ruptured liquid silicone implant. If the capsule was opened, liquid silicone would then leak out. To prevent that the capsule was not opened the capsule was dissected from the surrounding tissue and then the entire capsule and the inside contents were removed in one piece.

This operation can be done for those cases where both the breast implant and the entire capsule is to be removed. Removal of the breast capsule is called Capsulectomy. Capsulotomy is when the breast capsule is incised or cut, but the breast capsule is not removed. Capsulotomy is most often done to release the scar tissue of the capsule. This is done to revise the size, shape, or position of the breast pocket.

The En Bloc Implant/Capsule Removal (Capsulectomy) is a more extensive procedure. There are indications for each as well as advantages and possible complications associated with each type of surgery.

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