Breast Reduction

Many woman who had Breast Augmentation 10-15 or so year before have now over the years seen an increase in the size of their breasts The breasts may also have developed a sagging and drooping appearance. These changes are often the result of multiple factors including pregnancy, breast feeding and changes in weight. These woman want to have smaller, perkier and a more youthful breast appearance. To achieve this many options are available.

If the breast have become overly large, the size of the breasts may be reduced by replacing the present breast implants with smaller size implants and or removing the excess breast tissue ie Breast Reduction. If the breasts have developed a loose and drooping appearance a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) may be done at the time of Implant Exchange.

Sometimes a woman may want to consider removing her breast implants without replacement. This may be an option for those woman that have noted a significant increase in their own breast tissue. Depending upon the amount of laxity a Breast Lift may also need to be done.

Which of these procedures will give you the optimal result will depend upon the condition of your breasts, your body shape and combined with the results that you wish to achieve. Consultation with Dr. Williams will explain and answer your several options of Breast Surgery that can help you attain the appearance you desire.

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