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The major concern of anyone considering Arm Lift Surgery is the undesirable appearance of the scar and the laxity of the skin. The scar of Arm Lift Surgery is the result of the removal of the excess skin and laxity of the arm. Since the first descriptions of Arm Lift surgery in the 1950’s various techniques of excision and placement of the resulting scar have been done. Despite these improvements, the resulting scars often become thickened, widened, and noticeable.

Examination of patients wanting Arm Lift Surgery usually shows not only laxity and sagging of the skin but often excess adiposity i.e. fat. With the arms extended the skin sags in the lower arms. Excess adiposity is often present in this lower arm area as well. The amount and weight of this fat increase the downward pull and sagging of the arm skin. More recently it has also been noted that there is a depression and loss of soft tissue fullness in the mid portion of the arm. As a result of this, there is a loss of contour and shape to this mid-arm area.

For many patients, the presence of all three factors of skin and soft tissue laxity, localized excess fat, and loss of mid-arm fullness causes the unwanted appearance of the sagging arms

A new cosmetic surgery technique addresses these three factors and eliminates the need for surgical skin excision and the resulting scars associated with this. This new procedure involves Liposuction of the excess adiposity, new techniques of Fat Injection and Fat Grafting of the contour depression of the mid-arm and skin tightening with the new TRUSCULPT technique. This procedure is done with a few small needle size incisions.

Unfortunately, not all patients seeking an Arm Lift will be candidates for this procedure. Patients with a very large amount of excess skin and laxity will most likely require some skin excision. However, these new techniques will offer many patients the solution they have been waiting for: Arm Lift Surgery without the scar.

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