Since 2013 we have been using Exparel to decrease one of the major concerns about a Tummy Tuck, i.e. the pain that is the result of repairing the separated abdominal muscles. This is injected into the abdominal muscle at the time of surgery. The Exparel suspension is released over about a three-day period of time. This has worked excellently for the extended pain relief, but it is not released immediately.

The newest advance now is to inject Bupivacaine along with Exparel. The Bupivacaine works immediately and lasts for about 12 hours. We now have immediate pain relief for the first 12 hours after surgery and extended pain relief for the next three days

Because there is much less pain, there is less need for post-operative pain medication. The concern and anxiety about pain is less, and the recovery is better and faster.

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