As a result of changes with weight gain and weight loss, aging and other reasons the arms often develop a lax and sagging appearance. This become especially noticeable when the arms are raised to the side- often referred to as “bat wings”. The laxity and sagging may be due to only skin laxity or a combination of excess fat and skin laxity. This does not improve with diet and exercise. Non- surgical procedures frequently requiring multiple treatments often do not give the desired results.

The almost universal objection to Arm Lift Surgery is the noticeable scar. Most patients want to be able to raise their arms from their sides and not have the hanging “bat wings”. However, they also do not want to see a very noticeable scar. Having a very visible scar of the inner arms seems to defeat the purpose.
Since it was initially done in the 1950’s the resulting scar has been on the inner aspect of the arm. The scar may become thickened or widened.

An alternative to having a scar on the inner arm is to place the incision on the back of the arms. This allows for removal of all sagging skin and fat to create excellent recontour and reshape the arms. The resulting scar of the back of the arm appears to heal better. With this new approach patients are comfortable about raising their arms without “bat wings” and without see a scar.

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