Mommy Makeover: Taking Back Your Body

Mommy Makeover

If you’ve recently given birth, know that your body is powerful, incredible, and beautiful precisely as it is. It’s also been through a great deal, however, and if you desire changes, a Mommy Makeover can help. For many women, the combination of plastic surgery procedures creates an uplifting and empowering transformation that boosts confidence by restoring your pre--pregnancy physique.

Mommy Makeovers Address Common Trouble Areas

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause significant changes in your appearance. Nine-plus months of breastfeeding can cause your breasts to lose fullness, firmness, and volume. Meanwhile, you might notice excess skin, stretch marks, bulging, and laxity in your tummy area. Fat that accumulates around your hips and butt may linger on, regardless of changes in your diet or exercise habits. Your vagina may have changed as well, becoming lax or easily irritated due to vaginal or traumatic childbirth.

Mommy Makeovers address these issues through one or more of the following procedures:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Vaginoplasty

A Mommy Makeover Consultation is the First Step

If you’re interested in a Mommy Makeover, the first step is a consultation with your cosmetic surgery-specializing physician. This will include discussion of your medical history and surgical goals as well as a visual analysis of the areas you wish to enhance. The ideal procedures and other specifics—such as placement of incisions and implant type—will be based on factors such as your desired goals.

Mommy Makeovers Can Happen at Once or Over Time

Depending on the procedures on which you and your physician decide, you may have your full Mommy Makeover within in the same surgery session or in two or more surgeries spread out over time. Your doctor will help determine the best timeline based on your health and the selected procedures. All of these specifics help determine your recovery time, which can range from one to four weeks.

Timing Your Mommy Makeover Well Is Important

If you plan to have more kids, are still breastfeeding, or plan to lose or gain weight, you should wait a bit before having your Mommy Makeover. Childbearing should be complete, and significant weight loss or gain after surgery can diminish your results. If you have diabetes or another medical condition, it should be well-managed prior to surgery. If this is the case and you’re happy with your family size and your weight is stable, you can start the process.

Proper Care Can Ensure Best Mommy Makeover Results

Like all surgeries, Mommy Makeovers bring risks for complications such as infection, bleeding, and seroma (fluid collection) formation. Following all pre- and post- surgery care instructions from your doctor and making sure you work with a qualified and experienced professional can help ensure the best results, while lowering your risk for side effects. If you experience unusual symptoms during your recovery, consult your doctor.

To learn more about Mommy Makeovers, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We love helping moms achieve their desired aesthetic and feel better about themselves as they carry on one of the world’s most important roles as parents.

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