Breaking Up with Your Love Handles

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When fat naturally builds up on the hips and abdomen, it forms the familiar love handles, muffin top, or side bulges that can be very difficult to lose. These may start to develop after puberty, but hormonal changes as we age can trigger changing fat deposit patterns, causing even more abdominal fat overall. 

Let’s look at the diet and exercise recommendations to break up with your love handles, and why some people turn to liposuction surgery  to get rid of these saddlebag fat cell deposits once and for all.

Shaping the Body with Diet and Exercise

Great changes can be accomplished with a highly nutritious, low-calorie diet plan and the right set of exercises to tone the underlying muscle groups. Becoming more physically fit and shrinking fat cells through diet can also provide the best results from love handle removal surgery.

Cardio burns calories, so combining 30-minute heart-healthy workouts with a diet rich in quality protein and whole grains while remaining low in calories, simple carbohydrates, and sugar can provide the sleekest shape your genetics and hormone levels allow. 

Some of the moves to include in your daily stretching routine which tighten the right muscle groups include:

  • Crunches
  • Plank Lifts
  • Side Bends
  • Twists
  • Lunges

What Causes Love Handles?

Despite working to achieve fitness, it is impossible to target weight loss to one specific area by diet and exercise. Many people cannot get rid of stubborn fat deposits without surgery to remove love handles . Why do many people still have love handles or belly fat despite a healthy lifestyle?

The answer is their unique combination of genetics and hormone levels. The body stores fat in specific areas based on these factors, which are unchanged by toning muscles. If the body has any fat left to store, it will keep it in the areas it is genetically programmed to store that fat, in response to hormones like estrogen and testosterone.1 

Since some body fat is necessary and healthy, our love handles or belly fat may remain despite targeted exercise and healthy eating. This can be discouraging and make both men and women feel less confident about their bodies.

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What Treatments Work Best to Permanently Remove Love Handles?

Loving your love handles can be hard. We want to look our best and are striving to get rid of abdominal fat deposits against the genetic and hormonal forces that strive to keep it firmly in place. This might be the time to look at liposuction before and after pictures to see what this simple procedure can accomplish.

This treatment, also called abdominoplasty, drastically reduces love handles by permanently removing the fat cells themselves.2 Risks are very low, and love handle liposuction scars are small and typically unnoticeable.

Loving Your Shape and Rewarding Yourself

When stubborn deposits of fat are keeping you from feeling confident and staying active, it makes sense to take action to look and feel your best. Dr. John Williams is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience and aesthetic body contouring techniques you can trust to safely remove those troublesome bulges forever.

If you are struggling to meet your personal goals and want to know more about reducing your love handles after liposuction, schedule an appointment  today. JW Plastic Surgery Center in Baton Rouge has effective solutions for this age-old dilemma.

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