Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Safety Update

Brazilian Buttock Lift

The major question about the Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is: “Is this a safe surgery?” Because of the several deaths with this procedure, a Multi Society Task Force composed to the ASAPS, ASPS, and others have done extensive research to answer this question.

The results of these investigations and studies showed that all of the deaths were due to injection of fat into the buttock muscle. Because of the unique anatomy of this muscle the fat did not remain in the muscle but spread under the muscle to the large Gluteal veins, and the fat tore the veins. The fat then entered the veins and rapidly went to the heart and lungs.

The consensus is that the Brazilian buttock Lift (BBL) can be done safely if the fat is injected only between the skin and above the muscle. The fat should not be injected into the buttock muscle. This is not a surgery that allows for error. The procedure must be done with knowledge and accuracy to prevent possible fatal complications.

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